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Rental Information

Rental Information


I’m pleased you’re considering using the Total Focus system.  The following describes the terms of the rental, my contact information and a brief biography.  Feel free to contact me with further questions.


Total Focus Rental Information:

1.       Total Focus system includes the whole Total Focus package:  iPod, amplifier, connector cable, bone-conducting headphones, waist pack, balance board, 2 bean bags, 1 racket ball, 1 tethered tennis ball, headband, Playbook, manual and carry bag.

2.       Rental charge is $50/week plus shipping costs.  Rental charge begins when you’ve received the equipment.  Checks, MasterCard and Visa accepted.

3.       Please feel free to call me with any questions or concerns you have while renting a Total Focus system from me.  Please remember that if you’re also working with a primary consultant (O.T, P.T, etc.), your consultant’s recommendations for the listening program and therapeutic exercises supersede any information in the Playbook.

4.       If you decide to purchase a Focus program while renting or after you’ve rented it, I offer a 10% discount on your purchase.

5.       If any equipment is damaged, missing or smells from smoke* when you return it (not including normal wear and tear), you will be charged for the replacement of those parts. 

6.       If any system component fails while you’re using the system, I will expedite delivery of its replacement to you.  You will not be charged any rental fee for the time period when the system is not working.


 *Please refrain from smoking during the use of and around the Total Focus system since these are used by children and others with sensitivity to odors.


To rent a Total Focus system, or purchase one if the iLs home systems, please contact me:

                Tim Engels, M.A.

Engels & Jones, Inc.

3750 Gill Drive, Denver, CO 80209

                303-956-5691 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            303-956-5691      end_of_the_skype_highlighting





For more information about iLs Total Focus home systems, go to www.integratedlistening.com.


My background:  I’ve worked as a counselor, coach and consultant for over 30 years with a MA degree in Sports Sciences from the University of Denver in 1983.  My introduction to listening therapies came through employment at The Center for InnerChange from 1997-2004 where I worked with Dr. Ron Minson and Kate Minson.  Dr. Minson trained under Dr. Alfred Tomatis and brought the Tomatis Listening Method to Denver, Colorado.  Later, they digitized the Tomatis Method, developing the Dynamic Listening System and Integrated Listening Systems.  I’ve used the Total Focus program myself and with my clients for the past three years and am a certified iLs Consultant.  In my private practice, I work primarily with teens and adults, helping them to resolve trauma, depression and anxiety as well as improve educational, sports and work performance.